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Monthly Archives: February, 2018

Great People Helping Physically Challenged Sportsmen

Serve Daily has recently shared with you stories of handicapped people doing amazing things that have been on their wish list for a long time. For example, Frank Snyder, an avid hunter who lost b

Young Filmmakers Gain Recognition

Whenever I think of young filmmakers I think of the legendary stories of Steven Spielberg’s 8mm adventure films he made during his high school years. He had an early passion for writing and direc

Valentine’s Card

We meet in our mature years and after each of us had been divorced about ten years. It was at a Christmas dinner that we first met. Our initial conversation was a discovery that we had both spent

Appreciating Winter’s Beauty

Winter has a special beauty to be appreciated that is not available to us any other time of year. A fresh snowfall paints the landscape in white and creates contrasts that we wouldn’t otherwise s

The Golightly Family Band Concert

By Janice HelmickThe Golightly Family Band gave its second annual concert at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork on January 20. My husband, Ed, and I had the opportunity to attend, and I found it

Scott Barlow with Revere Health Selected for the Business Education Partner Award

Scott Barlow has been an amazing partner to Nebo School District for many, many years. He became a Nebo Education Foundation Board member in 2001 and even served as President. He and his wife, Co

The Laundry Is Never Done

So, you are finished with the laundry? Good for you. But, are you naked? Unless you are naked, you are not REALLY finished with the laundry, because the clothes you are wearing need to be washed.

Orthodontic Scholarships Awarded

By April Gallier Springville orthodontist, Dr. Casey Warren, has always wanted to give back to the community he grew up in. For the last 8 years, he has been giving back by providing orthodontic

Larsen Elementary Enthralls Nebo School Board of Education

Principal Cami Thomas introduced Larsen Elementary staff and students to the Nebo School Board of Education by stating they were excited to share the great opportunities at Larsen Elementary this

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Film Festival 2018

By Judy Elsner The Springville-Mapleton Daughters of the Utah Pioneers is having a 2nd Annual Film Festival in April 2018. This is a video making project to tell stories of pioneers who settled S

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