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Protect young minds in Springville and Mapleton

Mar 01, 2018 08:00AM
By Miriam Hall

My name is Miriam Hall, and I have served for almost a year as Miss Springville/Mapleton. My pageant service platform is “Education on the Harms of Pornography”. During my year of service, the most helpful and effective resources I have found for parents are located on the website

Recently, with sponsor donations, I purchased and donated both of the following children’s books to each elementary school PTO in Springville and Mapleton:

"Good Pictures, Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids" "Good Pictures, Bad Pictures JR: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds"

Each PTO President was provided with information about how they can get a 40-45% discount on the books through a bulk order to make them available for the parents of the students in their schools. Both books are fantastic in helping parents strengthen their kids against the harmful effects of pornography. Parents, ask your local elementary school PTO president about the book discount if you are interested in this offer.

Protect Young Minds has a mission to, “Empower parents, professionals and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography…”

I strongly encourage everyone to use the free resources on their website, including fantastic parent guides and helpful blog posts. Every parent can gain skills in addressing the topic of pornography with their children in a sensitive but confident way.

Resources on are focused on ways to “Prevent and Prepare”, “Help and Heal” and “Share and Speak Up”.

Free guides include: - Quick-start Guide for Proactive Parents - The SMART Plan for Parents: Helping Kids Who Have Seen or Sought Out Pornography - The Share and Speak Up Guide

This resource will help you confidently join the effort to educate our community on the harms of pornography.

Take advantage of these excellent resources, share them with your family and friends and help spread the word, so we can all work together to “Protect Young Minds”.