Never Dull in Payson

There is a small business in Payson that specializes in sharpening anything that cuts. The list of things that can be sharpened is long and includes knives, scissors, shears, pencil sharpeners, paper cutters, garden tools, drill bits, saw blades, chainsaws, and he even sharpened a sod cutting tool for a landscaper who said after it was sharpened that “it worked like a hot knife through butter.”

The man behind this one-man business is 69-year-old Kerry Morton and he calls his business Mor-Sharp Sharpening Service. Kerry has a shop in the basement of his house at 1109 W. 1150 S., located between Walmart and the Payson Temple, in Heritage Village. He also makes “house calls” when necessary and you can call him for a free estimate. His shop rate is $35 per hour, and he can sharpen 12 knives or 3 saw blades in an hour. The phone number for Kerry Morton at Mor-Sharp is (801)-609-7199.

Beyond the excellent sharpening business, Kerry Morton is a wonderful and amazing person who will not retire. With a Masters Degree and at one time a nearly completed Ph.D. in psychology he worked for the Utah Department of Corrections at the State Prison for just short of 21 years. He then he worked as a bailiff in the Salt Lake County Court System for 12 years. With that work history behind him is still energetic and enthusiastic about working at the LDS Temple in Payson two days a week. One day he serves as an ordinance worker and the other day he works as an engineer maintaining the temple and he has the nickname of “squeak killer.”

He also enjoys making knives as well as sharpening them. In his small, but very well organized, basement shop he also makes small wooden toys for the grandchildren. Kerry Morton at age 69 is not living a dull life and is a great role model for us all.

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