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MMHS “Welds it Forward” Needs Your Vote Before March 26

Maple Mountain High School (MMHS) has been chosen as one of three semi-finalists in a national welding contest sponsored by equipment manufacturer ESAB. The winner of the final three is by vote and we are asking you to take a look at the project and vote if you like the work of our local students. The winning high school team will win $20,000 worth of welding equipment for their school program.

MMHS welds

The team at Maple Mountain High School wanted to create a project that would help others outside of their welding program and school. The result was three identical tables that were given to families in Tijuana, Mexico by team members on a humanitarian trip. The tables are a piece of art with curved base legs and a hexagonal wooden tabletop. Extra features include a “Lazy Susan”, Candlestick holder, and trivets to protect the wooden surface of the table from hot pots and pans. There is a short video of the project at .

Right now go to and vote for our Maple Mountain High School.