Mapleton Junior High students energize the Nebo School Board crowd

r Members of Mapleton Junior High’s band, orchestra and choir gave a stirring and energetic performance at February’s Board Meeting.

mapleton junior

Principal Nate Whitney introduced the arts programs and their directors. He emphasized the hard work each group puts into these performances and what an honor it was to play for the Board. The choir and band opened with a great rendition of “Beyond the Sea” followed by a performance from an orchestra quartet.

Next Joann Brown, representing the community council, addressed the Board. She spoke about the great support of parents and administrators that allow the arts programs to thrive as well as the ways the junior high school has improved.

“We are thrilled to see continued and clear improvements at Mapleton Junior High,” she said. “We are so grateful for the money we receive from land trust funding. Our school improvements for 2018 are thriving because of that great contribution.”

mapleton junior

Ms. Brown went on to list several goals Mapleton Junior High has for 2018. These goals include reducing class sizes, purchasing new technology to improve teaching and student learning, and helping ninth graders to earn their high school credits.

The choir concluded the presentation with a performance of “The Storm is Passing Over.”

Band directed by Emily SmithrOrchestra directed by Aileen KeliilikirChoir directed by Kevin Diehl

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Chris Baird
Chris Baird
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