Big Budah visits Mapleton Elementary

Mapleton Elementary students won the Road to Success Dr. Seuss Read-on-thon during the last week of February and earned a visit from Big Budah with Fox13News.

How did Mapleton Elementary students win? All students in Utah were challenged to read as much as possible at school and at home. Mapleton students received tickets for every twenty minutes they read daily, and those tickets were entered into drawings for prizes and certificates. All Mapleton students who met the goal during the week also received a prize. On Friday, March 2, the entire school did read-a-thons in each classroom. All of these minutes throughout the week were logged into an electronic system. Mapleton Elementary read a total 308,500 minutes during that one week.

big budah

Principal Peery said, “We were excited when we found out that we had won and that meant we would get a visit from Big Budah from Fox13 News. This meant that we would be featured live on television.”

Mrs. Jensen’s second-grade class and Mr. Groneman’s fifth-grade class read the most minutes during that week. These classes were honored by sitting on stage during the live filming. Mrs. Peery, Mr. Groneman and students were interviewed on live television.

Mr. Groneman said, “My class worked so hard at the reading contest. They had so much support from home and from our great librarian Mrs. Thurgood. She is so amazing at having the latest titles available and getting the kids excited about reading all genres of books. I encouraged my kids to read things they are interested in and are passionate about. We talk about the importance of being a reader for life not just for school. Some of the great books they read were: ‘I am Number Four Series’, ‘Dirt’, ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’, ‘The Dark Hills Divide’, ‘Maze Runner’, ‘39 Clues’, ‘Summer of the Monkeys’, ‘Call it Courage’, ‘Wonder’, ‘The Selection Series’, and many others. Shout out to the many people in my kids lives that influence them to love reading. What a great experience it was for them to meet Big Budah and be on television. I hope they will remember that forever and remember how hard they worked.”

Congratulations Mapleton Elementary for making reading and literacy a priority and winning the Road to Success Dr. Seuss Read-on-thon challenge.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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