DUP Two-Company Convention

r By Judy Elsner

The Two-Company District Convention of the Springville/Mapleton and Provo Companies of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers was held April 14 in Springville.

As hostess, Patricia Maxey President of the Springville/Mapleton Company welcomed the Provo Company President, Noreen Petersen, and all the attendees. Lynnette Hanson of the International Society of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers who is on the Lesson Committee brought instructions and answered questions about the plans and activities for the upcoming year.

“Come, Come Ye Saints” was played in a duet by Kjirsten Hernandez on the cello and her mother, Kris Dunn, on the piano. The musical number added greatly to the pioneer spirit that was felt in the chapel.

Laurie Whiting, 2nd Vice President of the S/M Company gave an interesting story about the “First Relief Society Building in Mapleton, Utah” located at 200 East Maple Street. The building had been built about the turn of the century and last summer its importance was made known to the community once again. It is set back about 75 to 100 feet in a poplar grove. The interior was large enough to set up a quilt frame and room for possibly 20-30 chairs. There was also a pot belly stove for heat. It also had a cupboard and a nice organ. There was a carpet on the floor with straw under it to give it some cushion. Many of the sisters who lived within a half mile or so walked to Relief Society which was held on Tuesdays for about 2 hours. Some sisters came with horse and buggy to the meeting. This building was used until 1941 when the ward moved into the new White Church building and Relief Society had a room of its own. (This history was researched and written by Marie Jensen Whiting) This photo of the building was on the Two- Company DUP program. “So Our Children May Know”

Special recognition was given to “Women of Faith in Their 90’s” and those women received a white rose and card declaring them “Women of Faith and Fortitude.”rFor further information regarding joining the DUP or information regarding the Pioneer Museum in Springville, you may call the museum at 801-491-2076.

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