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Storytelling and Songs

May 04, 2018 07:30AM

By Cynthia Coulon

“I will write my story fearlessly.

Another chapter every day.

I’m the one who chooses who I’ll be,

And I’m on my way.

My story matters” (chorus lyrics by Cherie Call)

Over the past year, Utah musician Clive Romney, and songwriter Cherie Call, combined their talents to produce a very special song for a very special cause. The original theme-song is titled, “My Story Matters,” and was made for the nonprofit organization of the same name. It features the vocal talents of 16 local children who are involved with the My Story Matters program. The kids and musicians worked long hours learning, practicing, and perfecting the song which Clive directed, recorded, and produced.

Amy Chandler, founder of My Story Matters, long wanted a song that would reinforce the key principles of the organization. She said, “Kids learn to music. They remember it. It’s a powerful way to share a message.”

Amy is thrilled that the My Story Matters theme-song is ready to share with the people her organization serves. She is also very grateful to Clive, Cherie, the singers, and everyone who generously and tirelessly made the song a reality.

A veteran of the music business, Clive Romney produces as many as ten albums each year in his recording studio, Pitchfork Studios. He has produced more than 130 albums. He plays numerous instruments. He has won several Pearl Awards, including Instrumental Album of the Year, 2002.  Clive performs as a storyteller and singer-songwriter and is also executive director of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts. This charitable organization collaborates with other like-minded groups to help communities develop artistic retellings of their stories. This storytelling mission is what brought Mr. Romney and My Story Matters together.

He explained, “Our hope for this song is that it will help the My Story Matters organization convince every child that his or her story is important and that every child is significant. I have seen firsthand the effect it has when you tell someone’s story through the arts and it is validated by being put in professionally created media. It heals, elevated, and inspires.”

Because of his long history in the Utah arts and music recording industry, Mr. Romney is familiar with many Utah songwriters and recording musicians. He felt that Cherie Call was the right person to commission to write the lyrics to the My Story Matters theme song.

He said, “Cherie is a mother with four school-age children. She is involved daily with listening to their stories and helping them tell their stories.”

Now that the My Story Matters theme-song is ready to share, it will be presented along with their unique curriculum at schools and events the organization serves.