Nebo Education Foundation Revitalizes Teachers April 2018

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r The Nebo Education Foundation board met this month to discuss the grants submitted by Nebo School District teachers and fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning.

Foundation president Dale Phelps remarked, “I feel very fortunate to be able to see the full cycle of how the Nebo Education Foundation is involved in helping the kids of Nebo School District. After we receive funds from the community, we review grant proposals from dedicated teachers who have specific classroom needs, then we are able to award a grant to that teacher who uses those resources to enrich the educational experience for our kids. It is a win-win-win program.”

These grants are funded through the fund-raising efforts of the Nebo Education Foundation board and from generous citizen and business donors.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the lives of students.

Brockbank Elementary – Laurie Stevensonr“Thank you so much for the education grant! As a first-year planning time music technician, I’m impressed at how Nebo district is so willing to accommodate fine arts requests. I’m very grateful to have a full classroom set of ukuleles and bells for Brockbank students to use for many years. The best way to learn musical concepts is hands-on, through playing instruments. Along with other benefits of music in the classroom, teaching students how to play these instruments will help them be more engaged in class, help them develop increased coordination, and help them develop self-confidence. I’m excited to play a small part in guiding Brockbank’s students in their discovery of music,” said Laurie Stevenson, music instructor at Brockbank Elementary.

Park Elementary – Natalie TaylorrNatalie Taylor, teacher, said, “I am so excited that the Nebo Foundation awarded me money for my Science Unit, and I want to say a big Thank You to the Nebo Foundation! This money will make it possible for me to buy an incubator and other supplies for the baby chicks so my class can have hands-on learning about the life cycle of chickens. My class is super excited to watch and take care of the eggs. It makes my day knowing how happy my class will be while learning.”

Park Elementary – Chelsea Porterr“I can’t say thank you enough to the Nebo Education Foundation! This last push of the school year can be difficult, but receiving this grant makes it seem easy! I can not wait to purchase the class sets of books for my students to enjoy next year. Reading these books as a class brings energy back into reading! The amount of discussion that takes place when we dive deep into a good novel makes teaching so much fun and learning so easy. As a 6th grade teacher, I can really work on students intonation and inflection as I assign them a character to read. This also helps with kids developing an understanding of characters as they “become” that character. Thank you again, you truly have helped make my classroom better!” exclaimed Chelsea Porter, sixth-grade teacher at Park Elementary.

East Meadows Elementary – Suzanne AguerorSuzanne Aguero, third-grade teacher at East Meadows, said, “Thank you so much for this grant. For much of our Prevention Dimension lessons this year, our third-grade classes have been working on anti-bullying, choosing to be kind, and trying, no matter what, in all we do. We decided to change our end of year program to reflect all that we have done to show what we have learned. We plan to use these shirts as a way to showcase to the parents the areas we have been working on. With all the negative aspects in the world today, and the things that have been going on in schools across the country, we feel that this is a positive approach and a positive message we can show our students and parents.”

Businesses and individuals can donate as well. You can specify a specific school, classroom or program to donate to. The extra help through additional funding gives Nebo students the advantage of enhanced learning. For more information about the tax-deductible donation to Nebo Education Foundation, please contact Lana Hiskey at Nebo School District, 354-7400, email or mail 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.


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Chris Baird
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