Nebo’s Melanie Adamson, Maple Ridge Elementary, receives PTA Outstanding Educator Award

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r Melanie Adamson was awarded the State PTA Outstanding Educator Award. Since 2005, Mrs. Melanie Adamson has been a special education teacher for the Nebo School district, with a specialty in severe/profound disabilities. Mrs. Adamson brings the student body of the entire school into her classroom. She partners with the preschool and third-grade classes. They visit her students so that they are comfortable with students with special needs. She’s also created a peer tutoring program starting in the fourth grade where she trains other students to tutor her students and along the way, they become friends too.

In one case, Mrs. Adamson attended church with one of her students to help the student’s church leaders understand him and how to assist with his behaviors. She helped find solutions to reinforce positive behavior and over time, his behaviors improved dramatically.

One of the greatest benefits of Mrs. Adamson’s educational expertise is the positive change that she ignites in people’s perception of the special needs population. By fostering a skilled educational climate, and effectively integrating her students, Mrs. Adamson helps them feel the value of being part of the community and helps the community members understand the value of each of her individual students. She strengthens the Maple Ridge community because of her inclusive attitude. We are so grateful for her at Maple Ridge!

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
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