June town hall meetings to discuss opiate epidemic

r  Utah County Commissioners, Nathan Ivie and Bill Lee, alongside other county officials, will conduct town hall meetings to continue the county efforts in fighting the opiate epidemic.

The commissioners will facilitate the discussions during the upcoming town hall meetings around Utah County.  Ivie has stated, “I believe the basis of a free society is a moral society, and when a segment of society engages in immoral activity, there is a role of government to ensure justice is served.”  Commissioner Lee has related his sentiments by saying, “It’s a crisis. We all see it. It’s not hidden anywhere. It’s known.”

Possible topics to be discussed are:r


  • Lay out national, state, and Utah County responses already implemented
  • r

  • Discuss information on naloxone and drug disposal packets
  • r

  • Lay out recent national, state, and Utah County initiatives (state legislative bills, new congressional bills)
  • r

  • Speak specifically new initiatives being considered to implement in Utah County
  • r

  • Q and A
  • r

rUpcoming town hall meetings will start at 7 p.m. at the following dates and places:

June, 13 – Lehi City Building, 123 North Center St. #3, Lehi.

June, 27 – Spanish Fork Fairground – High Chaparral, 475 S Main St., Spanish Fork.

Utah County officials look forward to working closely together with residents to come to a better solution for the health and welfare of all who live here.

For further information, please contact Utah County Public Information Officer, Cody Law. codylaw@fairwaysmag.com. (702)994-7675

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