Local non-profit seeking nominations for low-income families to help

r By Isabella Markert

Community Action Services and Food Bank is partnering with Feed the Children and STAR Touring & Riding to hold a statewide food distribution event on Wednesday, July 18. In anticipation of this event, Community Action Services is seeking the names of hundreds of low-income families who could potentially benefit from this event.

STAR Touring & Riding members will deliver up to 80,000 pounds of food to low-income families living here in Utah. Community Action Services and Food Bank is seeking out 400 families who have an income of less than 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level to participate. Vouchers good for food and household items will be distributed a week before the July 18 event. Families will bring the vouchers to the event to claim their boxes. The value of items will be approximately $450 per family

“Hunger is a serious problem in our community, with 13 percent of our friends and neighbors experiencing food insecurity, including more than 29,000 children,” said Karen McCandless, executive director of Community Action Services and Food Bank. “But we can make a difference and end hunger, especially with help from groups like STAR Touring & Riding.”

The STAR Touring & Riding event will be held 9 a.m.-noon Wednesday, July 18, at the Lindon Walmart, 585 S. State St., Lindon. To nominate a family, please contact Community Action Services and Food Bank at (801) 373-8200.

About Community Action Services and Food BankrCommunity Action Services and Food Bank is a non-profit organization in Provo, Utah, that provides a two-step process to solving poverty: to first stabilize the person and then rebuild their lives. Since 1967, the agency has stabilized persons in need by meeting their basic critical needs (such as food and housing) while providing them with the long-term solutions needed to rebuild their financial and social self-sufficiency, enabling them to break out of poverty. For more information about Community Action Services and Food Bank, visit communityactionuc.org.

About STAR Touring & RidingrSTAR Touring & Riding is a family motorcycle riding organization committed to giving back to its members’ communities. The organization has partnered with Feed the Children since 2001 to combat hunger in the U.S. In addition to the 80,000 pounds of food and supplies it donates to hungry families at its annual STAR DAYS event, it’s raised more than $1.1 million for Feed the Children in the past few years and organized local food drops in communities around the country. For more information about STAR Touring & Riding, visit startouring.org.

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