Thursday, May 26, 2022

Grand Opening Territory Land Real Estate

r By Shirlene Jordan

The Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that longstanding Real Estate Broker, Sharee Killpack, opened her new office in Springville, during Springville’s Annual Art City Days Celebration.

Sharee is the principal real estate broker and owner of Territory Land Real Estate (TLRE) and renowned real estate expert in Utah County. She was excited to announce the grand opening and the ribbon cutting that took place on Friday, June 6. Doors officially opened Saturday, June 9, and the hours of operation will be from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sharee, a long time resident and business owner in the Springville and Mapleton area and has established herself as a key player and local real estate icon in the Utah County Real Estate sector. Her savvy business sense and commitment to community involvement has ingrained her into the hearts of all who have worked and served with her.

In 2006 she became the principal broker of TLRE — taking over from its previous owner, Winon Killpack.

Her Grandmother-in-law sold real estate for many years in Emery County where she and her husband resided after moving from Springville. While in Springville, Mr. Bennie Killpack taught and coached Springville High School basketball.

Currently, Sharee has four agents working under her at TLRE and is looking for young and energetic agents who are excited to make a difference in the real estate world. She loves being in Springville and understands the impact local business has on a town.

“We are super excited to be on Main Street in Springville, right in the historic district. We are right in the middle of the action downtown. Springville City just has so much charm and such a great feel to it and I’m excited to be able to continue to do business with the great people here.” Sharee replied.

She is thrilled at the growth Springville is experiencing right now and excited to be a part of it. Sharee loves being able to help the citizens of this area invest in real estate, ultimately helping them to realize as much return as possible out of one of their largest investments — their homes.

Sharee said, “Springville’s new Mayor, Rick Childs understands the importance of new businesses, thus choosing to make Springville their new home. Territory Land Real Estate is really happy to locate in Springville.”

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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