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r Utah County will soon have a revolutionary new entertainment park that is like nothing else on the planet. It is not a theme park and it’s not a ride park. It is a high tech theatrical experience where guests are immersed in a world of unique beauty and adventure. Everyone creates their own experience leaving the outside world behind. This new entertainment park is called Evermore and is scheduled to open in September.

Evermore is a multimillion dollar “European gothic village fantasy experience park” soon to open in Pleasant Grove. It is the brainchild of Ken Bretschneider who recruited Josh Shipley from Walt Disney Imagineering as Chief Creative Officer. Before construction began, the park was designed in virtual reality. During construction, over five miles of fiber optic cable was installed to make it a “smart park” encompassing the latest and potential future technologies. Evermore is about creating an environment that will capture your attention and take you to a new reality.

The park is located at 382 Evermore Lane in Pleasant Grove, right off I-15, and the Evermore Creative Center is a few blocks away in Lindon. The Creative Center is where computer magic is made, costumes are handmade, and 3D mythical characters are created. It is the prop shop for the park and its various events. It in itself is an amazing behind the scenes place with a staff of artistic people passionate about Evermore Park. The Creative Center further emphasizes the huge financial investment being made in the development of Evermore Park

The park covers about 12 acres and consists of an English garden, Victorian garden, Celtic garden, Fantasy garden all with authentic architecture. The Town Square, including Copper Confections, Noting Glass House, Emery Chapel, Evermore Café, Evermore Barn, and The Fountains of Evermore. To add to the authenticity of the park Evermore has a huge collection of actual and very expensive antique pieces collected throughout Europe. Details of the buildings are amazing replications of old English craftsmanship.

Evermore will have actors to help authenticate the old-style European environment and create a sense of that reality. Evermore is designed to be an interactive theatrical experience.

Guests can wander through the park to get a different experience no matter which path they follow. The goal is to immerse guests in the stories and characters of the park. The park is like a big theatrical stage and guests are part of the play.

In addition to the daytime garden adventures, Evermore plans on having three seasonal events and two themed parties during the year to keep the park fresh and exciting. The seasonal events are Mythos, Lore and Aurora that will represent summer, fall and winter and provide family entertainment. Themed, interactive parties will also be scheduled that will encompass the entire park in the adventure.

You will soon see extensive advertising of Evermore Park as the September opening day approaches. Now you know what Evermore Park is about. It will become a huge tourist attraction in the State of Utah bringing financial and entertainment benefits to our local communities. It is all because of one man, Ken Bretschneider, who dreamed big and built a new type of entertainment park. For Ken, it has not happened overnight, but it will be opening soon and is a testimony to his philosophy of thinking big, never giving up and letting the creative mind think out of the box, as the expression goes. Utah County and all of Utah will benefit from Evermore Park.

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