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Slice-A-Pizza hitting the road

Oct 01, 2018 04:00PM
Slice-A-Pizza has been a local favorite since the 1980s. Slice lovers have followed the family-owned restaurant from Orem, to Mapleton, to Spanish Fork. Now, the Stevenson family hopes to provide a new way for fans to get their Slice-A-Pizza -- by food truck.

Since the Spanish Fork Slice-A-Pizza closed several years ago, Ashlie Stevenson has been overwhelmed by the love customers have shown for the business. "Everywhere I go people are begging me to re-open it," she said. One customer got down on his knees in the grocery store to beg Ashlie to bring back the pizza joint he'd grown up with. "We just have a huge following," she said.

Stevenson decided to reinvent the restaurant as a food truck to make the business more mobile. The business has fans all over the valley. People also often ask Stevenson if she will cater events or parties, so, with a food truck, she can fill those needs as well.

The Stevenson family has been working hard to raise the money they need to purchase the truck and equipment they need and to get proper licensing. They have been holding bake sales on the weekends and set up a crowdfunding page,

"We're getting there," Stevenson said. "We're really looking for the final push to get it up and rolling." With success on wheels, the family hopes to someday open another Slice-A-storefront front as well.

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