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Nebo Employee, Patty Maloy, Receives State Honor

Oct 09, 2018 09:10PM
Patty Maloy, former lunch clerk at Cherry Creek Elementary and current lunch clerk at Spring Lake Elementary in Nebo School District, was awarded the Employee of the Year for both the State of Utah and the Western Region by the School Nutrition Association.

Known for her enthusiasm for life and good nutrition, Patty has gone above and beyond to promote good nutrition in the lives of students. Patty was instrumental in helping Cherry Creek Elementary become the first school in Nebo School District to offer a food-sharing station. To prevent so much food from getting thrown away at lunchtime, the food-sharing station allows students to donate their untouched food for other students to take home and enjoy over the weekend.

During the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Weeks, Patty plans creative activities to get students involved and excited about good nutrition. Patty invites parents, college mascots, and high school athletes to join in the events at the cafeteria.

Congratulations, Patty Maloy, on being a Nebo Hero!!

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