Local favorites join World of Dance Tour

r Dancers Charity Anderson of Springville and Andres Penate of Vineyard have had a life-altering year. The couple garnered worldwide fame when they received a perfect score—a 100—in August during the duels round of the show. It was a historic moment considering no other act on the show has been given a 100 before or since.

Their journey following that monumental night was not without difficulty. Onset at Universal to prepare for the divisional finals, the couple was trying a new lift that somehow went wrong. Charity landed on her head, but the momentum of the lift caused the weight of the fall to be concentrated on her toe. She was rushed to the emergency room.

Although she didn’t sustain any neck or head injuries, she did break her toe. But when doctors confirmed she wouldn’t have any lifelong damage if she kept dancing on it, they were able to continue competing. She continued to dance through the pain and wore a boot for the remainder of her time there in L.A., only removing it for dress rehearsals and the taped performances.

Their many Utah fans and viewers throughout the world tuned into their final performance on the show, which was a collaborative effort with producers and the Nappytabs team. The show felt they were legends, since they received that perfect score, so they wanted Charity and Andres to do a dance to the song “Legendary” by Welshly Arms. The entire piece revolved around this theme, with crystal statues and the couple as modern day superheroes.

Charity and Andres placed third overall in the competition and now their worlds have opened up. They’ve received countless messages from people who have been inspired by their work. They started their Instagram account in May with no followers, and now they have 175,000. And they’ve gotten to meet and work with many of their dance heroes.

world of dance tour

They began their World of Dance tour with their first show in Toronto on October 1 and will perform in thirty cities. In between rehearsals and performances, they’ve enjoyed teaching master classes on tour.

Charity’s mother, Tresa Anderson, has this to say about the pair: “They are both very passionate about their craft and also very hard workers. They love to learn and are both quite hard on themselves because they feel they have never arrived—even with the success they experienced on World of Dance. Today they still feel they have so far to go and so much to learn. This work ethic of always wanting to improve has led them to where they are today.”

They are receiving offers non-stop to perform and teach throughout the world but will have to put this on hold until they finish the World of Dance tour. Their last performance for the tour will be on November 14 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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