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Merit Academy is fortunate to have Amanda Kuhnz as assistant director

Nov 05, 2018 10:44AM
By Hannah Drage

Merit College Preparatory Academy is fortunate to have Amanda Kuhnz as Assistant Director. She has a BA from Northwestern University and an MA ED from the University of Red Lands.

She was a junior high and high school teacher for 11 years before she came to Merit where she's been for a year and a half. Ms. Kuhnz's vision for Merit is to have a larger number of students attending and she hopes we'll eventually have a waiting list. Her wish for Merit is to produce more college-bound students. As our student population increases she hopes we will be able to add a theater.

Ms. Kuhnz works to set up in school suspension to improve our student's decision making. Her favorite part about working at Merit is helping students and faculty overcome challenges. "I like making people's lives easier," she said.