Utah Valley Visioning project seeking public input

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r By 2065, Utah County will add 1 million people to its population, 85% from internal growth. Local governments, transportation agencies, major landowners and economic development groups are coming together to create a vision for Utah Valley’s future. The Utah Valley Visioning project is making plans to ensure Utah Valley maintains its strong economy, affordable housing and high quality of life as it experiences rapid growth in the next 50 years.

Valley Visioning’s stated goal is “To engage residents and stakeholders in a process that establishes a community-supported vision for growth in Utah County.” The group will address questions like, “How can travel in and through Utah County remain convenient? How can we grow jobs that pay competitive wages and that ensure people can live and work in the same area? How can we prepare our kids and recruit talent to fuel economic and job growth? How can housing be kept affordable so that future generations can live near where they grew up?”

The process will explore potential growth decisions to create a framework for policymakers and leaders to implement strategies that resonate best with residents and stakeholders as ways to achieve desired outcomes.

Valley Visioning is asking residents to help create a vision for growth by taking the Valley Visioning Survey. This will give residents a voice in Utah County’s future. It is a way for each resident to let their voice be heard.

Visit utahvalleyvisioning.org for more information on the project.


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