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Mayor's Youth Awards honor outstanding students

Jan 22, 2019 07:43PM
By Shannon M. Acor Springville Mayor Rick Child and City Council members were delighted by the smiling faces of Paige Ballard, Alexia Lundberg and Jocelyn Mendez at the January 15 City Council Meeting.

The three young ladies were nominated for the Mayor’s Youth Award by their schools’ administration. Paige is a ninth-grader at Springville Junior High. She not only strives for excellence in herself, but continually reaches out and offers help and friendship to others.

Alexia Lundberg is a second-grader from Westside Elementary. She has learned to tackle medical obstacles in her life by smiling, having a positive attitude and determination. She is a big example to everyone.

Jocelyn Mendez attends Springville Junior High and is actively involved as a leader with Latinos in Action. She also serves on the student council and is striving to promote unity and acceptance for all students. What wonderful examples they are to all of us!