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Monthly Archives: January, 2019

Thoughts on Zion: Seeing through the lens of humility

Before exploring something both Babylon and Zion have in common, let's take an even closer look at two conclusions we came to in a previous column: “Pride is the stepping stone to Babylon” and “H

Ryan Stream wins Verizon award

During the past several years Serve Daily has published several articles on the good work of Payson veteran, musician, and motivational speaker Ryan Stream. It was with great pleasure to learn th

Nephi City approves new soccer fields for Town Square

New soccer fields being developed in Nephi City Town Square are expected to be ready for use in Spring 2019. The project is part of the initial phase of the recreation plans to be funded by the n

Fred Barber and Chairbound Sportsman receive award

During the December Chairbound Sportsman Holiday Dinner, the highlight of the evening was a special recognition and an award given to Payson resident Fred Barber. He was this year’s recipient of

How to do family history without research

It’s the beginning of the year and we are being encour2aged to do our family history. Many of us who have pioneer ancestors have difficulty finding new names to pursue and become discouraged abou

5 common New Year’s resolutions and why we don’t keep them

By Joe Capell Why do so many New Year's resolutions fail? The reasons vary. Here are five common resolutions, and some reasons why they don't succeed:1. I'm going to eat healthier. Eating healthi

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