Springville Community Presbyterian Church graces National Historic Registry

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r Gracing the Springville landscape since its construction in 1892, the remarkable Springville Community Presbyterian Church (SCPC) is the first to be featured in this series on religious buildings in our area.

Located at 245 E. 200 S., the SCPC’s Late Gothic Revival and Modified Late Gothic Revival architecture has long been admired for its delicate beauty. Rising up in white siding and brick and having grey trim, the frame chapel was built alongside the Hungerford Academy—the first school in the area open to children of all denominations—and its surrounding dormitories. According to Mary Jane Chase Finley, author of A History of Springville, the Hungerford Academy closed its doors shortly after the first high school was built in Springville around the turn of the century.

Now, only the church is still standing and it looks much the same as it always has. The hooded front entrance is topped with a finial that resembles a Celtic cross. This imagery symbolizes eternity. A quatrefoil adorns the front of the steeply pitched roof. The lancet arch is a recurring theme throughout the exterior and can be found in the shape of the windows, doors, and other decorative touches. The pinnacle and three-storied tower in the front add elegance to the building.

The Springville Community Presbyterian Church was accepted to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1980. There are only seven churches on the Registry in Utah County, so the SCPC is a must visit. This is a distinction of high regard for our community, as this status can be difficult to obtain.

The National Registry of Historic Places, according to their website, lists buildings like the SCPC because “the distinctive characteristics of the building by its architecture and construction…(have) great artistic value.”

Reverend Gil Lopez has been the part-time pastor since June of 2018. The SCPC Facebook page states their mission: “As a congregation, we emphasize care and nurture of individuals within the congregation and in the larger community, growth in Christian beliefs and values, and education of both children and adults. We desire to carry on our proud history of over 100 years of worship and service.”

The Springville Community Church was started in 1877.  The Presbyterian Women meet every Tuesday morning for quilting and other craft projects. The church welcomes everyone to group meetings and Sunday services.

Many groups rent out the building for meetings like AA, NA, Alinon, UVUU Church and Scouts.

Springville has a rich history of historic buildings that have been lovingly preserved. There are twenty-eight structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Springville. The only other city in Utah County with more structures on the registry is Provo, with thirty-eight.

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