Junior High Youth Board meets with Nebo School Board of Education

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r Superintendent Rick Nielsen and the Nebo School Board of Education meet with students from each of the high schools and junior high schools on a quarterly basis. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school.

In January 2019, secondary director, Ann Anderson, asked the Junior High School Youth Board questions. The junior high school students first introduced themselves and then discussed what their junior high was doing to help them become college and career ready. Some students mentioned they received help from their counselors. Other students mentioned that the school spotlighted one college a month in their school. Still, other students discussed how educators met with parents and students telling them about college and career requirements. The students agreed that they tend to pay attention more when they hear their teachers say this information is really important for college.

During the hour-long roundtable discussion, the students talked about school safety and security as well as mental health.

The Nebo School Board of Education expressed that this Youth Board meeting time is valuable because they hear from the students. The Nebo Education School Board thanked the students for one of the most candid conversations they have had in a Youth Board meeting. The students seemed at ease to discuss what was on their minds with the Nebo School Board.

An advantage of these group discussions is for students to be heard and to learn from each other. This sharing opportunity promotes friendships between the schools in our Nebo School District that is growing about 500 students yearly with over 33,000 students this year.

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