Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mt. Nebo Chapter SUP holds monthly meetings

r By LaRon TaylorrOn Thursday, February 28, the Mt. Nebo Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers had its monthly dinner meeting with members, spouses, and guests. As usual, the catered dinner was excellent.

Following the dinner, Mike and Kris Poulos gave a presentation on historical Kirtland, Ohio. They highlighted some of the interesting buildings and the Kirtland Temple, but focused on some of the great spiritual experiences of the early founders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Brother Poulos focused specifically on the number of times our Savior appeared.

This SUP chapter meets monthly and would love to have you come check us out. The catered meals are always excellent & only cost $13 per person. If you would like information on location and time, call Dan Howlett at 801-224-5885.

Chris Baird
Chris Bairdhttp://www.servedaily.com
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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