Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Roe’s Bakeshop opens in historic downtown Payson re-establishing a long held tradition

r Melanie Keck and her family have re-opened the bake shop on Main Street in Payson where the bakery stood as a pillar of the community for over 70 years. She is bringing back the old fashioned, goodness of years gone by.

The Historic bakery at 17 South Main street in Payson is full of tradition. People came from far and near to experience the goodness created at Roe’s Bakeshop. She loves to hear the stories of customers as they reminisce old times and good memories at the bake shop. The old bakery cases have held a lot of love. Melanie loves to see the children come in and watch as their eyes fill up with joy as they get a “real bakery experience”. Her heart fills with joy as She fondly remembers going to Roe’s bakery as a young child with her parents and grandparents.

Melanie loves bringing people together over food. There is something about enjoying home-cooked, handcrafted food that fills the soul in a way nothing else can. She always says “There is always room for one more at my table”. She hopes to feed many hearts and souls in the years to come as she carries on the tradition of baking with heart and soul.

Chris Baird
Chris Bairdhttp://www.servedaily.com
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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