Fundraiser provides tote bags on wheels for food pantries

r By Ashley Thomas

Many people volunteer at Tabitha’s Way, a food pantry in Spanish Fork where those in need can go shopping for food. One cold night, a woman came into the food pantry. Due to her recent surgery she wasn’t able to lift anything. She lived five blocks away and she had walked to Tabitha’s Way to get food. She didn’t have a vehicle. She was with a man who was capable of carrying food. They had four boxes of food. There was absolutely no way this man could have carried their food home.

We loaded their boxes of food into our vehicle and we drove this woman and man home. They were extremely grateful. We realized this man and woman needed something to help them get their groceries home as they had no vehicle to use to transport food. The goal we had was to help those without vehicles get more food home. We found inexpensive tote bags on wheels that have shoulder straps that can be purchased online. These bags don’t take up a lot of space as they fold up. As we shared our idea to purchase these tote bags many friends and strangers donated money to this project. We are grateful for their generosity.

tote bag on wheels

There are people who need food in Utah County. These tote bags will make a difference and they will be used to transport food from the food pantry. Our goal was to donate these bags to three different food pantries. Tabitha’s Way in Spanish Fork, Tabitha’s Way in American Fork and Community Action Services in Provo.

We wanted to help several people across Utah County. We needed to raise more money to accomplish our goal. We called the Culver’s in Spanish Fork and they happily set up a fundraiser for these tote bags. We invited the missionaries, Lindsey and Alexis, to help with this Culver’s fundraiser. We also invited our friend Cristal and her daughter Mirra to help. Everyone met at Culver’s and we served food for three hours. Many people from our neighborhood, friends and family came and ate at the Culver’s to support this fundraiser. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the Culver’s food and ice cream. The Culver’s food was delicious and we were so grateful for the opportunity to experience and be a part of this fundraiser.

Several people came together to make this fundraiser happen. A graphic designer created the flyer for this fundraiser. The J-Mart in Spanish Fork printed several of these flyers. The Macey’s grocery store handed these flyers out to customers. The fundraiser at the Culver’s was an absolute success. We recently placed an order for one hundred and twenty-two tote bags. Thank you to everyone who gave their money, time, and services to these tote bags on wheels. They are currently being shipped to us and they will be delivered to three food pantries in Utah County.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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