Santaquin Elementary students delighted the Nebo School Board of Education

r Santaquin Elementary School’s principal, Ien Richins thanked the Nebo School Board of Education for this opportunity to share just some of the exciting things happening at the school. Santaquin’s fourth- and sixth-grade students each presented a dance, and the sixth grade sang about the water cycle along with their dance. Both performances related to the grade’s core curriculum. Music helps to reinforce some of the main concepts being taught in the classroom.

Principal Richins said, “The students did a fantastic job on their performances!”

After the student performances, Sarah Jorgensen, school community council member, addressed the board and shared some ways Santaquin Elementary spends their Trust Land money.

“I am serving in my first term on our school community council and love working with other wonderful parents, teachers, and our new principal, Mr. Richins, reviewing middle and year end test scores and discussing the academic needs of our students and teachers to continually improve learning and intellectual growth for all students,” stated Jorgensen.

Trust Land Funds have been a blessing for Santaquin Elementary. The school is no longer a Title I School, so the Trust Land Funds are utilized for the STEP Reading Program. Over half of the Trust Land Funds pay technicians that work with students in reading and math with STEP, Imagine Learning, and Reteach and Enrich. The school will continue to keep the library open during the summer to encourage students to read throughout the year.

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Santaquin’s Trust Land Funds are used to replace all of the outdated and dying Chromebooks. Many of the teachers went the extra mile to apply and qualify for additional grants from the Nebo Education Foundation to maximize the Trust Land money. There is nearly one Chromebook per student for upper grades. Lower grade classrooms each have a station of five or six Chromebooks that are used daily by students.

The Trust Land Funds also pay for professional development for the teachers through workshops, conferences, and focused observations. Funds are also used to pay substitute teachers while our teachers are receiving this training.

Jorgensen said, “At Santaquin Elementary, we as parents, teachers, and administrators are committed to academic excellence and growth. We are grateful for the Trust Land Funds to provide academic assistance, and we strive to assure that the money spent will have the greatest impact possible for our students. Thank you for letting us share some of the great things we have going on at Santaquin Elementary School.”

Santaquin Elementary

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