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Nebo is thrilled to employ so many educators honored by Huntsman Awards

This year, Jared Massic, a welding teacher at Maple Mountian High, received the prestigious Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education in April 2019. Some information written about Mr. Jared Massic includes some of the following: “Don't be fooled by Jared Massic's youthful appearance. Mr. Massic (or just ‘Massic’ as his students, call him) is a bulldog when it comes to teaching his students about work ethic and expectations in the workplace. Massic wants his students to know that they can do ‘hard things’ and cares about their well-being. He wants them to make the right choices that will launch them successfully into adulthood, whether it is going to college/trade school or entering the workforce.

"Mr. Massic goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure his students have every possible chance to succeed. The father of two of Mr. Massic's students says, ‘You will find Mr. Massic at the school at 5 a.m. Saturday mornings working with the welding competition teams. You will also see him after school holding extra welding sessions to help students develop their welding skills. He doesn't get paid extra to do this. He does it to help his students develop their potential.’ A first-year welding student says she appreciates the hands-on approach in Mr. Massic’s class, and his ability to adapt to all learners. DeAnn Nielsen, principal of Maple Mountain High School adds, ‘Under his leadership, he and his welders remodeled their shop and expanded their storage yard. They all worked together on Saturdays and early mornings. Mr. Massic does not limit his support to only his students.’ Mrs. Nielsen adds, ‘He serves on the School Community Council, participates in assemblies in the faculty band, and volunteers for faculty versus student competitions. He and a peer built a photo booth which is used at school dances to provide fun, free digital photos for students. No matter what is needed, Jared will join in with a big smile on his face.’

“Under Mr. Massic's direction, the Maple Mountain High School SkillsUSA club has received several state and national level awards at the SkillsUSA competitions. Students have been awarded medals in photography, welding, welding fabrication, welding sculpture, CPR, chapter display, carpentry, and job interview competitions. Most notably, the MMHS welding fabrication team has placed first at the state level for six consecutive years and earned one gold and three bronze medals at the national level over the last four years. In addition, the welding program won a national contest totaling $26,000 of welding equipment which was sponsored by ESAB, a private welding supply company. Mr. Massic's team won ESAB's Weld-It-Forward National contest in 2018. After making the finals out of hundreds of competitors, three high schools and three college welding programs competed in the finals by designing and building a project that aligned with the Weld-It-Forward theme of ESAB's competition.

“There is no doubt that Mr. Massic has contributed to Utah's public-school system in outstanding ways. He is an example of a person who is following his calling. He loves what he does every day; and because of this, the world is a better place and his students are truly blessed.”

Nebo School District is thrilled to employ 17 educators recognized by the Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education. Following are the winners:

  • 2019, Jared Massic, Welding Teacher, Maple Mountain High
  • 2017, J. Merrill Hallam, Science/Math/Biology Teacher, Spanish Fork Junior High
  • 2017, Monica Giffing, Agriculture/Biology Teacher, Springville Junior High
  • 2015, Alyssa Larsen, Special Education Teacher, Spanish Fork High
  • 2014, Pricilla Leek, Social Studies Teacher, Springville High
  • 2014, Darla Stapel, Second-Grade Teacher, Brookside Elementary
  • 2013, Jo Edan Parker, Special Education Teacher, Mapleton Junior High
  • 2013, Carl Swenson, Principal, Payson Junior High
  • 2011, Nyle Russell, Agriculture/Welding Teacher, Payson High
  • 2011, Linda Lewis, Physical Education/Drama Teacher, Mapleton Junior High
  • 2008, John DeGraffenried, Principal, Spanish Fork Junior High
  • 2003, John Allan, Social Studies Teacher/Wrestling Coach, Spanish Fork Junior High
  • 2002, Ingrid Perkins, Volunteer, Barnett Elementary
  • 1996, Laura Daines, Teacher, Payson High
  • 1994, Pamela Hallam, Former Teacher, Springville High
  • 1993, Eldon McMurray, Teacher, Payson Middle
  • 1993, Ed Schollenberger, Teacher, Barnett Elementary

To nominate an outstanding educator, in any or all four award categories: teacher, administrator, volunteer, or special education teacher, go to:

Pricilla Leek