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Way Back When Radio Theater Troupe

May 29, 2019 01:30PM

Way Back When is a Utah theater group which was begun in 2009 by Dennis Moore, an actor and writer from Salt Lake City. He had always loved listening to recordings from the Golden Age of Radio in the 1930s and '40s and began to collect what is now a growing catalog of over 23,000 shows in twelve genres. Is it time to turn off our gadgets and turn on our imaginations? Moore and his Way Back When troupe think the world might become a better place if we do so.

Shows are directly streamed to a website where subscribers may listen when they like-something radio listeners ninety years ago couldn't do-they had to sometimes wait a full week to discover what happened to The Lone Ranger as he was left dangling from a cliff, depending only upon Tonto to somehow sense he needed saving. Comedy, Detective, Drama, Historical. Juvenile, Sci-Fi, Soap Operas, Sports, Thrillers, Music, Variety and Westerns are available. After listening, you may leave comments about what you liked, and suggestions for what you'd like to hear in other programs. 

Numerous talented voice actors from around the Utah Valley are helping to bring selected shows to life again. You may listen in at anytime. The actors will also travel to perform for groups, and are very entertaining. It is a refreshing change for young people who never knew the delights of their imaginations when only listening to the action. To book an event with Way Back When, contact Dennis Moore at [email protected]

These photos were taken at a recent Sherlock Holmes event at the Springville Library, which has several fun and free programs available throughout the summer.

way back when
L-R Cathy Tidwell, Brian Sheets, Nick Mathews, Ron Hausman, Rio Van Zant, Dennis Moore, Cheryl Bunnell, James Christian Morris as Dr. Watson, and Antonio Lexerot as Sherlock Holmes and Bobby Cody. Photo: Kjirstin Youngberg