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South Utah Valley Electric Service District supports Maple Dell

Jun 06, 2019 03:30PM

A team from South Utah Valley Electric Service District installed poles and a transformer at BSA Camp Maple Dell. Dave Johnson, Camp Director said in a letter to the company, "Your 5-man team with their incredible skills and SESD’s specialized equipment almost made the work they did yesterday look easy, though it was obvious how hard Dwayne, Greg, Serg, Tag and TJ worked. It was a treat to get to watch these men at work and the service you all provided was once again extremely valuable to Camp Maple Dell."

Johnson said, "Brook and Jennifer, thank you for your leadership, approval, and follow through on this project; you two were an indispensable part of this success story as well."

Electric Service District employees involved with the project included: Brook Christensen, Jennifer Hatcher, Dwayne Miller, Greg Stanton, Sergio Vargas, Tag Lunsford, and TJ Hannifin.

South Utah Valley Electric Service District workers.