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Nebo’s East Meadows Principal, Celeste Gledhill, Honored with Crystal Owl Award

Jun 24, 2019 11:10AM

Principal Celeste Gledhill was honored with the Elementary Crystal Owl Award during a Nebo School District administrator training. This award is provided by Craig Harvey through Horace Mann.

Colleagues and teachers said the following about Principal Gledhill:

“Celeste is a great example of a principal who understands student data and knows how to move a school forward by increasing the capacity of her faculty and staff. She collaborates with her colleagues and is willing to share her expertise for the betterment of all schools in the district. I consider Celeste a wonderful mentor and friend. She deserves to be honored with this award.”

“Celeste is caring, smart, innovative, and always willing to help out. I have questions all the time, and I know that Celeste will take the time to answer all my questions and make sure I understand. She is a team player who is constantly looking out for her school, her students, and her staff and faculty. She is amazing!”

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