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Local literacy program helps children develop love of reading with help of Arabian horses

Aug 12, 2019 04:07PM

Ten students visited Taylor Ranch Riding Academy for their “first touch” of an Arabian Horse and to get their Black Stallion books and poster on June 29.

The youth are encouraged to go home and practice reading to the Arabian Horse Poster in preparation of the Activity day. The Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project is an innovative, experiential learning program—Equine Assisted Learning.

This program is committed to motivating children to want to read, enhancing their literacy skills, and developing their confidence in reading. It is an amazing adventure for the children to enjoy the opportunity to read to the horses and experience the exhilaration and joy of spending time with these amazing non-judgmental teachers.

It is important to teach children to read, but nothing is achieved if children know how to read, but don’t!

The purpose is to motivate children to discover the joys of reading and learning through the magic of contact with live horses.

The goal is to spark the imagination of children so they will want to read and enjoy their sense of creativity as they escape into a world of adventure.

On July 28 the academy held a “Second Touch” activity day, where youth were able to participate in four educational activities and read to the horse. This experience is available to any home school student or elementary school class, starting in the fall of 2019. The cost is $25 per student. Contact Jessica Taylor [email protected] 801-824-0452.