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I WAS SERVED; Recognizing Teachers who Give the Gift of Service

Aug 12, 2019 04:38PM ● By Arianne Brown

The school year is just around the corner, and as the wife of a teacher, I know all too well how exciting and stressful it is to start a new school year.

This is why we’ve chosen to focus this month’s edition of ‘I Was Served’ on local teachers who have helped our children feel safe and welcome at school, and I’ll start with my own experience.

“In December of 2017, my family moved to Payson, with several of my kids being apprehensive about starting a new school, as is pretty much the norm with kids.

“When my youngest daughter met her teacher, Mr. Nowell at Wilson Elementary, she had a smile on her face. Mr. Nowell asked my daughter what she loved to do, and he allowed her to show him her favorite past-time: doing a back-handspring — in the classroom. Thankfully, she landed it safely. More than that, the rest of the school year, my little girl smiled and went to school willingly. 

“My elementary-aged sons have both been privileged to have Mr. Hansen, whose quiet demeanor and genuine interest in his students has spoken loudly for them to hear. During their time in his class, they each felt appreciated, smart and like they belonged.

“As a parent, I have been served by teachers in this community, and I am so grateful for them. Here are a few more parents who have also been served by great teachers.”

Scott Baird, teacher helped his son transition to high school

“Mrs. Capell at Mt. Nebo Jr. High went above and beyond for my son. She was willing to stay after school and help him with his math. She was even willing to help him once he moved on to high school. Thank you Mrs. Capell for going above and beyond for my son!”

Taralyn Parker, teachers produce first school musical, make a difference in students’ lives

“Christy Nielson and Karen Grant produced the first school musical at Riverview Elementary. They directed over 100 students in a colorful and fantastical rendition of Seussical the Musical. Their passion for the arts and hard work made a difference in all of the students’ lives - including my daughter’s!”

Jacoy Jorgenson, teacher helped autistic son with bullies

“One teacher that both of my kids had was Ms. Rachel Hammond from American Leadership Academy. My son who is autistic had been struggling in school the previous year with bullies, and she knew.

“On the first day of school she was so positive and asked him to be her helper for the first week. About halfway through the year he started having meltdowns and she would take him aside and talk him through them. She always knew how to help him calm down and de-escalate quickly. She would always email me and explain what had happened and tell me how she was able to help him calm down and get through the rest of the day. She genuinely cares about her students.”

If you have a moment when you have received service, send an email to [email protected] (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)