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I Believe

Performing on the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City is a dream many musicians have had and most believed would never come to fruition.

When directors of Millennial Choirs and Orchestras “MCO,” announced that the 2019 tour would bring us to that historic venue, sacrifices were made and plans put into effect by each of more than 3,000 choir members and musicians in five states.

Groups in California, Texas, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah, including men, women, and children of many faiths, moved mountains to make that dream a reality.

By July, thousands of working hours of planning and preparation brought choir members and supporting families to the feet of Lady Liberty to testify through music their faith in Jesus Christ and love of Country.

On July 12, and the following afternoon, the Arizona, Texas and Idaho divisions of MCO performed inside Carnegie Hall for stunned audiences. New York City did not expect this power delivered through music and went away moved. Saturday evening promised to follow suit as men, women, and children, some as young as four years old, began to tune and warm-up for the final concert.

When suddenly all lights except for instrumentalist’s stand lights went out, the choir just took it in stride, the stage crew brought a battery-powered light for the conductor and on they sang. Before long, however, it was clear to Carnegie staff that the power outage was larger than could be repaired quickly and the building needed to be evacuated.

Once gathered in the streets to await word, choir members did not wait long before beginning impromptu performances of “I Believe in Christ” and “In Christ Alone,” followed by “I Stand All Amazed.”

Performers were not the only ones amazed. As evacuated New York dwellers heard ethereal sounds floating over their streets, cell phones were raised to record this strange event.

Before long, passers-by could no longer pass by, and singers could not be seen for the crowd of dazed onlookers. Hands raised like a jungle of tree branches holding phones high and hoping to catch and hold the feeling these songs evoked.

One woman, an immigrant, shared her enthusiasm by stating that she would never have been inside Carnegie Hall to listen but that she was so impressed she had shared the experience with friends and family as far away as Europe.

The event was rendered even more unearthly as the setting sun reflected down the avenues of high-rise buildings in a twice-yearly occurrence known as “ManhattanHenge.”

As hundreds, if not thousands, of voices raised celestial music that reverberated from New York’s walls, the setting sun seemed to echo the feeling and painted enraptured faces in the crowd with golden rays. Who knew that this Carnegie stage would be turned inside out and Millennial Choirs and Orchestras would sing for all the world as over the following days the whispered words, “Did you hear about the power outage in New York City?” were shared through social media with millions.

Who knew that the testimony that “I Believe in Christ” would float the streets of New York City and then travel the globe? No person could have planned this. There is little doubt that a higher power was at work. (Submission by Trudy Peck to Serve Daily.)