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Locals Pitch in to Help Clean Trail System

Aug 12, 2019 05:03PM ● By Arianne Brown

Last winter, Serve Daily reported on locals who served the outdoors community by clearing the trails of Payson’s Forebay mountain trail system.

These individuals purchased a Snow Dog sled to iron out the trails so that bikers, hikers and runners alike could enjoy them even during the snow-filled months.

Those same people and several others have spent many hours clearing debris, weed whacking, shoveling — you name it, to make the trails safe and useable this summer and fall for the growing number of people who have discovered this rare gem located near the base of Payson Canyon.

The official trail maintenance day was June 10 and was created to maintain the nearly 10 miles of singletrack trails, many of which named after dear family members of trail system pioneers, Carey Pierce and Darce Trotter. One local rider, Spanish Fork resident, Daniel Stolworthy, took this as an opportunity to give back.

“I helped trim branches and brush along the Kayas trail and fill in some trenches on RayGun,” Stolworthy said. “Forebay has been a huge part of my life since moving here eight years ago. It has connected me to people who have become good friends and has also helped me reach my fitness goals. Carey Pierce and Darce Trotter have created a gem in Payson Canyon where anyone can go to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and simply take in the beauty around them. I was happy to donate my time so that it can continue to be a place of solace for me, my family and many more for years to come.”

According to Stolworthy, the volunteers split into a few groups to tackle several different areas, with one group trimming lower trails while another trimmed upper trails.

Several brought their tools to clear up trails. When the workday was over, Stolworthy said the trails were much more pleasant to ride.

While the official trail maintenance day for this year is over, that doesn’t mean cleanup efforts have ceased, says Forebay creator, Carey Pierce.

“There are many things that people can do to make sure the trails stay clean and maintained for all to enjoy,” he said.

Those who use the trails can help by:

1. Not leaving trash or picking up what you see.

2. Staying off the trail when it’s muddy, to prevent making ruts or holes in the ground.

3. Not building new trails because it can cause erosion when not done properly.

4. Experiencing the trails because the more people use them, the better they’ll be.

Forebay has two access points. One is at the third mile marker up Payson Canyon, and the other is on the east side of the road across from Maple Dell Scout Camp. (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)