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Grant paves the way for construction of Olympic style bunker trap

Aug 12, 2019 05:55PM

The Utah Scholastic Clay Target Program has been awarded a grant of $75,000 from Larry and Brenda Potterfield, founders and owners of MidwayUSA.

These grant funds will be used to build Utah’s first Olympic-style international bunker trap. UTYESS has partnered with Wasatch Wing and Clay of Cedar Fort, for the construction of this project. Wasatch Wing and Clay is centrally located to most of the youth participating in the UTYESS program. The new facility will help promote youth shooting sports statewide.

“This is a huge addition to UTYESS and Wasatch Wing and Clay,” said Brian Beard, President of UTYESS. “Bunker trap is something that is not currently offered anywhere in Utah. There are several USAYESS events that the athletes shoot international bunker trap in, that Utah’s athletes have a disadvantage in simply from having no experience in bunker trap. It is also almost impossible for most of Utah’s youth shotgun shooters to qualify for Olympic and Junior Olympic events simply because there hasn’t been a facility in Utah for them to learn on.”

Beau Thomas of Wasatch Wing and Clay and an avid Bunker Trap athlete explains, “The closest bunker trap is in Montana at about eight and a half hours away, and the Olympic Training Center is eight hours and fifty minutes away in Colorado.”

Utah has many fantastic facilities for American Trap and Skeet. The International and Olympic games, however, are a whole new experience.

In American Trap you have one relatively small trap house with one oscillating machine throwing targets at 45 mph.

In Bunker Trap you have a large trench bunker that houses 15 machines, three directly in front of each of the five shooting posts, which throws targets at 68 mph. Bunker Trap targets are also thrown at wider angles, up to 45 degrees, and are also thrown higher or lower elevations than American Trap targets.

“We strive to provide and place where youth can come and enjoy a safe shooting environment,” said Weston Berry, Wasatch Wing and Clay Club Manager. “We understand the importance of youth and shooting sports as it pertains to our future as a business and country.”