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Aeroplanes, Trains, and Automobiles

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The Airplanes,brTrains, and Automobiles event at the Spanish Fork Airport only happens everybrtwo years, and this is the year for it, on Saturday, Aug. 24.


This will be a busybrone-day multi-event spectacle of vehicular motion that you can really make abrcommotion about. During the approximately seven hours that the various eventsbrare scheduled you will see powered parachutes, helicopters, an incrediblebrdisplay of radio control airplanes, Skydivers, two outstanding aerobaticbrpilots, the amazing Flying Cowboys, and a graceful and poetic gliderbrdemonstration. On the ground, you will see aggressive “street racing” among thebrhangars for a cash prize, exotic sports cars showing off their muscle on the airportbrrunway, a car show with the best cars vintage and unusual automobiles in Utahbron display.


It is rare that thebrSpanish Fork Airport gets an FAA waiver to make possible an air show for thebrpeople of Utah County. Airport Manager has spent months to get the requiredbrapprovals, and it is an exciting opportunity to see some precision flying inbrattitudes that you don’t usually see airplanes flying. One of the airshowbrpilots, Barry Hancock, has had a busy summer flying his T-6 or thebrCommemorative Air Force P-51 Mustang at events all over the country. Barry’sbrbright yellow T-6 with the awesome sound of a 600 horse power radial engine isbrfun to watch and hear. The T-6 trained so many pilots for the Army Air Corp andbrthe Navy during World War II that it was known as “The Pilot Maker.”


Following Barry’sbrair show performance, two local veterans will be taken up on flights to honorbrthem and their service to our country. Danny Sorenson, a well known aerobaticbrpilot from Bountiful, will be displaying his skill over the airfield. If hebrdoesn’t get his super performance biplane finished in time for our event, hebrwill be flying a Super Decathlon that will hold your attention.


The Flying Cowboysbrare a new air show routine showing off the short field landing and take-off capabilitybrof three unique airplanes flown by Jason Sneed, Mike and Mark Patey. This willbrbe action that will be right in front of you. Mark Patey has a highly modifiedbrturbine-powered short take-off and landing airplane he has named Draco. Youbrmust see the performance of this airplane to believe it.


At about 11:35 AM Ifbryou are on the airport property, you will hear the roar of the engines and thebrsquealing of tires as the slide through tight turns “Street Racing” aroundbrseveral of the hangars. Bleachers will be set up for your viewing of thisbrevent. The automobile racing enthusiasts are super excited about thebropportunity to race. Another group that is excited about August 24thbrat the Spanish Fork Airport are the folks with high powered sports cars thatbrwill easily do twice the Interstate Highway speed limit. Scheduled for 1 p.m.brwill be the “Exotic Car Runway Attack.”

brbrWhat an exciting day and it is not verybrexpensive as these sorts of event go. Adult tickets are $6 and kids 12 andbrunder are $4 at the gate. You can order online and save a dollar per ticket atbrSFCityTix.com. The airport gates open to the public at 9 a.m. and the eventbrcloses at 4 p.m. (Helmickbris a Serve Daily contributor.)

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