Fun Things to do in South Utah Valley

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Getting to enjoy thebrnatural beauties on the southern end of Utah County is one of the best thingsbrabout living here. But it can be easy to lose track of some of the gems ourbrarea holds. This short list is a reminder of some of the best places to explorebrhere. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or are a first-time visitor,brthere’s something for everyone.


The SpringvillebrReservoir (Wayne Bartholomew Family Park) in Springville near the mouth ofbrHobble Creek Canyon is open year-round from dawn to dusk, seven days a week.brParking passes are required from May 1 through Sept. 30 but are free forbrSpringville residents. Enjoy foods from the snack bar during the day. Thebrthree-acre pond is 15 feet deep at its deepest point. There is volleyball andbrring toss that is available for check out free of charge. The gorgeous mountainbrviews, pavilions, shade trees, and grass and sandy areas make this the perfectbrsummer day vacation spot.


Hobble Creek Canyonbrhas many beautiful hiking trails to enjoy. Kirkman Hollow Trail, Days CanyonbrTrail, the three trails that make up the Dry Canyon Trails, and Wadsworth CreekbrTrail offer well over a combined twenty miles of hiking, where streams flowbrthrough the aspen and spruce trees, and a waterfall and stock pond can bebrfound. All of these trails can be found up the right fork of Hobble CreekbrCanyon.


Hidden away inbrSpanish Fork Canyon, Diamond Fork Hot Springs (also known as Fifth Water HotbrSprings) is a local favorite and a must-see. The trail is only two miles longbrone way in the summer, but since the road is closed in the winter, the hikebrbecomes six miles one way. A popular destination, the area boasts four separatebrpots that are varying temperatures.


Spanish Oaks Reservoir,brlocated on the south end of Spanish Oaks Drive, can be less crowded than itsbrSpringville counterpart. It’s open from dawn to dusk, March 1 through Nov. 30breach year. Swim, fish, or rent a pavilion at this family-friendly park. Therebris also a playground and a walking path.


Are you looking forbra fun and easy family trail? The Dripping Rock trail near the Spanish Oaks GolfbrCourse is paved and perfect for families with small children. It is just overbrone-mile roundtrip. Don’t be fooled by a few dripping rocks you may see alongbrthe way; you’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you get to a verybrlarge dripping rock with wading pools


Fishing and boating are widely enjoyed at Utah Lake State Park.brAccording to the state parks government website, the lake contains catfish,brwalleye, white bass, black bass, and multiple species of panfish. Accessiblebrfrom Provo Center Street, the freshwater lake of 148 square miles is also abrcommonly used site for bird watching. The lakeshore campground has thirty-one sitesbrwith water and power hookups. Kayaking and paddleboarding are also greatbroptions at Utah Lake State Park.(Goodman is a Serve Daily contributor.) 

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