Local author to hold book signing in Springville

Marilyn Brown willbrsign her novels about Utah, including her latest, The Black Canary on Sept. 7brfrom 1-3 p.m. at the Brown Art Gallery, 274 South, Main Street, in Springville.br


If you haven’t had abrchance to read Marilyn Brown’s novels about Utah, check this one out. The BlackbrCanary describes the 1920-25 mining life in Helper, Utah. Prominentbrpoet-playwright, Carol Lynn Pearson, writes “Marilyn Brown is a masterbrstoryteller.


The Black Canarybrsings from its pages the cacophony of hate and fear through the clash of race,brreligion, and class, intertwined with the welcome harmony of love. That many ofbrthese stunning events are historical makes the reading a deeply richbrexperience.” Marilyn Arnold, a novelist, honored analyst of the Book of Mormon,brand past executive of BYU, writes, “Marilyn Brown has done it again! In ThebrBlack Canary, she has skillfully blended history and fiction in an impressivelybrauthentic setting. She takes us to the mining town of Helper, Utah, and spins abrgripping tale of personal and community struggle, of racism, labor strikes,brdeath, and young romance. At the same time, we become attached to the lovablebrcanaries who give their lives to save the miners. Marilyn is gifted withbrlanguage, with understanding, insight, and purpose.”


Novelist H. Linn Murphy, the author of The Heart of Fire, writes,br“Powerful! It immersed me in mining life in 1920s Utah so well that I keptbrwaiting for that mine whistle to blow. . . . I greatly enjoyed this book.” Thebrbook can be found on Amazon, enter The Black Canary/Marilyn Brown. (Submitted to ServebrDaily by Daryl Tucker.)

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