Saturday, May 28, 2022

Once Upon a Mattress

On Augustbr22, Ed and I attended opening night of “Once Upon a Mattress” directed bybrRobinne Booth.  This was a production ofbrthe Payson Community Theater and Performed on the Payson High School Stage.brThis was one of the first productions we had not been part of since thebrbeginning.  It is always fun to watch thebrperformers grow in their roles as they become the characters they are playing.


Thebrcostuming was wonderful, and the music and dancing made the show come alive.


The castbrincludes ten performers in their first role, and three who are returning to thebrstage after taking long breaks.


The showbrruns Aug. 26, 29-31 at 7:30 pm and Sept. 2 at 3 p.m. at Payson High School. (Contributedbrto Serve Daily by Janice Helmick. Photo By Ed Helmick)

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