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Sep 06, 2019 08:05PM

Crabby’s to-go is a new casual dining restaurant with an emphasis on fresh local food and is located right off the main street exit in Santaquin.

Contrary to what many may think, Crabby’s is not a seafood restaurant. It is named after the owner and founder Cory Crabb. Crabby serves up a large Mexican/American menu which consists of classic American foods, such as chicken strips and burgers, as well as a variety of Mexican options, such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

If the food isn’t enticing enough, Crabby also boasts a full espresso bar, featuring Millcreek Coffee. The coffee is roasted fresh weekly at the company headquarters in Salt Lake City; meats come from Wasatch meats, the buns are baked fresh daily at Honey and Grains Bakery in Springville.

Crabby uses local vendors so the freshness and quality are guaranteed to be the best they can be. Restaurant staff cooks up many items fresh each day, including refried beans, red enchilada sauce, diced chicken, and taco meat. There is no substitute for freshness.

“For years I have driven across the state, eating out daily. I quickly identified the places that didn’t leave me feeling unsettled after a meal. I discovered I liked simple food, cooked with fresh ingredients that weren’t heavy on salt, spices or sugars. Comfort foods that remind you of home,” said Crabb. “I was born in Orem and moved to Santaquin in 1999. I’ve been commuting for almost 20 years up and down the highways. I grew to love the south end of the county; the people, the atmosphere and small community. I bought a small piece of property off the freeway and developed a plan. Crabby’s to-go is the result of that plan.”

Crabby’s to-go logo is based on three core beliefs for food. Fresh, Simple, Local.

“These are the three words we value the most here at Crabby’s. We are not a typical fast-food chain that gets your order out in 90 seconds. Our food is, for the most part, cooked to order so that you can eat the freshest quality product we can offer. We guarantee that it’ll be worth the wait; so don’t be shy come on by,” Crabb said.