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'I was served by my family's farm'

Sep 06, 2019 09:25PM ● By Arianne Brown

Moving to Southern Utah County has given me a newfound appreciation for where my food comes from. I have never been surrounded by more gardens and farms in my entire life, and it has even inspired me to have my own veggie-filled garden — which I love! I will often go for long runs out on the old country roads in Payson, Salem and out toward Benjamin, hoping that the crop-filled landscape never changes.

I have been served by the example of farmers and gardeners in our area, and so have the following two women.

Gerry, Jensen — Jensen Family Farm in Benjamin

"Our farm in Benjamin has been in the family for over 100 years. My husband's grandfather started it, and we raise cattle, hay, and grain. It has been passed down through the generations. It almost skipped a generation when we had to move for my husband's job with the government.  About 30 years ago, one of our sons won a calf in a rope-em contest, and that started us raising cows again, and now some of my sons mostly run it and love doing it. My husband is still out at the farm quite a bit, hauling hay.

"Farming isn't like it used to be, and it's really difficult to make a living at it. My husband says that we barely break even every year. Even with the challenges of having a farm, it has taught my children how to work, and it has kept our family together. We just all love going out to the farm." 

I have been served by our family farm because it has kept our family together.” 

Angie Hepworth — McMullin Orchards 

“My dad, David McMullin, is one of the owners of the orchards that have been in our family for 92 years. My dad is a great farmer, but more than that, I have seen him my whole life serve those around him. I wasn't aware until I was older, but he was always helping families in need, and he donates his time anywhere he can in helping people who want to learn anything from pruning to mechanic work.  He serves his family any chance he gets and is always there to help his siblings and children out with anything he can when they call him to fix things. He takes care of the employees on the farm and provides them with things they might need.  He cares for them like they are his family.  He is always supporting local FFA chapters and donating money to help kids. 

I have been served by watching all the good my dad does in the community on and off the farm.” 

‘I was Served’ is a column dedicated to sharing moments of service. If you have been a recipient of service, and would like to share, send an email to, [email protected]. (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)