Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Four of Nebo’s High Schools Receive Athletic Academic Distinction

Four of NebobrSchool District’s high schools received state recognition for their athlete’sbracademic performance.


In 4A, SpanishbrFork High placed first, and Salem Hills High placed second. In 5A, MaplebrMountain High placed second, and Springville High placed third for thebrDirectors Cup through the Utah Interscholastic Athletic AdministratorsbrAssociation.


This is thebrseventh year of the UIAAA Directors Cup. The Directors Cup is awarded to thebrschool achieving the highest cumulative point total in each classificationbrbased on state tournament results in all sports (boys and girls) and thebrsuccessful implementation of the “Raise The Bar” sportsmanship initiative.


The top 16 teamsbrin each sport and classification received points based on how their teamsbrfinished in the Utah High School Activities Association State Championshipbrevents (this counts for 40 percent of the Directors Cup total.)


Each school maybralso submit their respective team GPA’s to the UIAAA. The top 16 teams in eachbrsport and classification received points based on how their team’s GPA rankbrcompared to other schools in their classification (this counts for 40 percentbrof the Directors Cup total.)


Every school,brregardless of team GPA or how it placed in any State Tournament, can alsobrreceive points from the successful implementation of the “Raise The Bar”brsportsmanship initiative. (Serve Daily submission by Lana Hiskey.)

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