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Diamond Fork hosts BYU Dunk Team to promote theme ‘Stronger Together’

Diamond Fork Junior High hosted the BYU Dunk Team along with the Cougar Strong program to address the school about three major characteristics students can be:

Mentally Strong;

Physically Strong;

Socially Strong.

Diamond Fork Junior High’s theme this year is “Stronger Together.” After hearing some great songs from the DFJH choir, the BYU dunk team emphasized how much stronger we can be together.

Coach David Eberhard addressed the students telling them, “We are not perfect.

“We will mess up, and it might not be pretty. As we work together and keep encouraging each other and try again and again, we can achieve our goals and show you guys the best dunks!”

The BYU Dunk Team and Cosmo did just that.

The Cougar Strong team, which consisted of five student athletes from multiple BYU athletic teams, spoke to the students about their duties.

The team encouraged the students at Diamond Fork to be mentally strong, physically strong, and socially strong.

Being mentally strong consisted of always studying, turning your work in on time, taking care of yourself, and respecting your teachers.

To be physically strong means to abstain from drugs and alcohol, eat healthy foods, and get adequate amounts of sleep.

While sharing about being socially strong, the team encouraged students to be friends with everyone, reach out to others, and make sure that their school could be a safe environment for everyone. (Submitted to Serve Daily by Lana Hiskey.)