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Diamond Fork hosts Special Education Extravaganza

Oct 03, 2019 06:23PM

Diamond Fork Junior High hosted the 12th Annual Special Education Extravaganza for all junior high special education students in Nebo School District on Sept. 11. Students listened to the national anthem sung by the Diamond Fork Junior High choir and participated in a flag ceremony to commemorate 9/11. Afterward, the students immediately started playing games and competing in various sports.

Students competed in Olympic type games, such as volleyball, bowling, and the high jump as well as “Minute to Win It” type games all throughout the gymnasium. Students won tickets for their participation and could turn those in later for prizes.

The event was a great opportunity for the students to socialize, have fun, and enjoy themselves. There were 88 participants from the special education classrooms and 80 other teachers and students that made the event possible. Diamond Fork peer tutors, leadership classes, and physical education classes were available to direct the games, help the students, and ensure that the event went smoothly.

Students ended the event with a dance, smiling faces, and bags full of prizes. (Submitted to Serve Daily by Lana Hiskey.)