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‘Fateful day’ leads to opening of new business in Springville

Oct 03, 2019 06:33PM

Through flurries of snow, Jose Landinez and his wife, Abby, watched from their car as Bill Brown walked into his nearly newly-renovated office suite space on Springville Main Street and taped a “For Rent” sign in the window.

“It felt like fate,” Jose said. “My wife and I looked at each other and it was obvious how excited we both were.” Jose went in to talk to Brown, and everything fell into place from there.

After working in several different insurance capacities over the past few years, Jose felt ready to open his own Allstate agency, and the couple had been driving around looking at different locations for a month or two.

“We had just arrived to look at another place but were a little early—so we pulled into the only available parking space, which just happened to be in front of Bill Brown’s Art Museum. Not only was it a complete coincidence that we were there to see Bill hang up the sign, but I had also been telling my wife that I wanted to have lots of art hanging on the walls of my agency and have art be a central theme-- so to have it be right next to an art studio was just too special to be a coincidence. It felt like a sign that Springville was the right place and that we’re meant to be here.”

Jose and his wife cut the ribbon in front of their agency to celebrate being officially open on Sept. 20. In his speech, Jose shared his gratitude to his team of six, as well as his family for helping him along the way. He shared special thanks to his dad, who immigrated from Venezuela when Jose was only 4-years-old and sent money back until the rest of the family was able to come over.

Jose was 9 by the time his family’s visas were approved and they were reunited with their father in West Jordan. He attributes his drive to succeed at creating a business to his parents’ sacrifices:

“My dad always told me that he worked like a donkey so that I wouldn’t have to, and I want to thank my dad for that and show him that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.”

In Jose’s opinion, Springville is the perfect place to start his business. He loves the community feel and the opportunity to be involved with city events.

“My wife and I feel like we have been guided every step of the way. We have an amazing team of hard workers, a beautiful location, a great community to serve and a great company name to represent. More than anything, I’m grateful to have a team that really cares and genuinely wants to give their best. I feel like that’s rare and we’ve been very blessed with the opportunity to open this agency and try to help people with their insurance needs.”

The Jose Landinez Allstate Springville Agency is open Monday through Friday from 9-6 pm. Walk-ins are welcome and the team is able to service people in English and Spanish. (Submitted to Serve Daily by Anita Lyons.)