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I was served by watching you serve each other

Oct 03, 2019 07:18PM ● By Arianne Brown

Service is everywhere, if you just take time to pay attention. Sometimes it happens to you, and sometimes it happens to others. It is my belief that if you just slow down to notice moments of service, you will see them happening everywhere — even in your own home and neighborhood. This past month, I took on a personal challenge to notice moments when I observed service happening around me. Here are some of those times.

Neighbors serving neighbors during time of tragedy

Recently, some neighbors of mine had a family tragedy, losing a child unexpectedly. As one who has lost a loved one, I struggled knowing where to step in without being too overbearing. I decided to take my time, allowing others to step in, and waiting until the storm settled before I did. As I waited, I often looked out my window to see large and subtle acts of service. I saw people bringing meals, and many going to lend an ear or a hug. What nearly brought me to tears, however, was watching another neighbor mow the family’s lawn while they were away. It was a simple, kind gesture that warranted no thank you or credit, but spoke loudly in terms of love.

Brother serving an injured brother

My oldest son is a competitive soccer player, and as such, is often subject to injury. In the space of one week and two games, he was fouled badly. Both times sent him crashing hard to the ground, causing him to break his right hand, and then his left clavicle. These injuries have made it so he can’t use either of his arms. Many mornings, I have witnessed two of my sons taking turns tying his shoes before school. It is a small yet large gesture, and it makes this mom’s heart very happy.

Students serving fellow students

One of my sons was elected by his fellow peers to be on the Hope Squad to help fellow students who struggle, particularly with suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Having lost a loved one in this tragic way, it has been wonderful to hear about the training that these students are receiving to help fellow students in need. I look forward to learning more about this program, and know it will serve a great purpose as students serve others. (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)

I Was Served is a column dedicated to sharing times when you were served. If you have moments to share, send an email to [email protected]