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Especially for Athletes -- Promotes Resiliency, Integrity, Synergy, and Engagement in Nebo Schools

Oct 03, 2019 07:33PM

Salem Hills High School had the opportunity to host an Especially for Athletes seminar recently.

Especially for athletes is a program founded here in Utah that strives to help student athletes be socially responsible and make a difference in the lives of others. Athletic Director, Lee Gillie, opened up the night by speaking to the students and reminding them of the athletic departments brand RISE; Resiliency, Integrity, Synergy, Engaged.

Students and parents are held to the RISE standard to make high school athletics a positive experience in the lives of students that will help them long after graduation.

Especially for Athletes founder Dustin Smith spoke to the student athletes of Salem Hills and their parents about the importance of being an example in their schools, families, and communities. Gillie introduced the idea of the “Sport Light,” or a focus that can sometimes be put on students because of their involvement in school sports.

Student athletes have a duty to develop attributes through the sports they participate in and apply them in their own lives. Student athletes can use their “Sport Light” to reach out to other students and make friends or make a difference in their lives.

Some of the core principles that Especially for Athletes focus on are:

1. Win the hour 16-0. Don’t waste a minute of your day. We’re given 16 hours in the day to make a difference and be productive, just like a season record you want to be undefeated every hour of the day. 16 worthwhile hours a day, zero wasted.

2. Compete without contempt. Especially for Athletes is state-wide program with multiple schools participating. Use sports and competition to bring people together to enjoy things that students are passionate about, not to create negative or hostile situations.

3. Be resilient. Student athletes have a unique opportunity to use high school sports to help them be resilient. Be happy for athletes that may be starting or playing ahead of you. Be positive and use positiveness to be resilient and to work harder to improve yourself.

4. Seek to bless, not to impress. Use skills and characteristics from playing sports to bless other people, not just to impress them. Salem hills has already integrated their slogan, “Eyes up, do the work.” They have multiple banners and signs posted around their school to remind their students to keep their eyes up and do the work necessary to be successful.

Other Nebo schools that are involved with this Especially for Athletes program include Mapleton Mountain High, Payson High, Spanish Fork High, and Springville High. (Submitted to Serve Daily by Lana Hiskey.)