Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Groundbreaking ceremony for Spanish Fork Fire Station 62 set for Oct. 2

Spanish Fork City willbrhold a groundbreaking ceremony of the city’s second fire station, Station 62,bron Oct. 2 at 12 p.m. at 2635 East Canyon Road in Spanish Fork.


The addition of abrsecond fire station in Spanish Fork City will significantly improve the levelbrof EMS and fire service throughout the community by decreasing response timesbrcitywide.


“We are thrilled tobrbegin construction on our second fire station” said Mayor Steve Leifson. “Thisbrnew station will build on a history of extraordinary fire and emergency medicalbrservices in12 months.”


Spanish Fork City hasbrcompiled a great project team of professionals who will oversee the design andbrconstruction of this new facility. Station 62 was designed by Blalock &brPartners, an award-winning firm of architects and design professionals locatedbrin Salt Lake City. Blalock & Partners has considerable municipalbrexperience, having previously designed Stations 03 and 14 for the Salt LakebrCity Fire Department.


Westland Construction,brwhich is located in Orem, will serve as the construction manager for thebrproject. Westland Construction brings to the table extensive constructionbrexperience from public and private projects throughout the State of Utah.brWestland’s history actually entwines with Spanish Fork’s, with both the CEObr(Chris Houghton) and President (Kyle Houghton) growing up in Spanish Fork.


“When this project was starting to come to life, we knew webrneeded to manage the project” said CEO Chris Houghton. “Spanish Fork holds abrspecial place in our hearts and this project became personal to us. We buildbrall over Utah, across the U.S., and internationally, from Canada to thebrCaribbean, West Africa to New Zealand, and the South Pacific, but nothing beatsbrbuilding for the community in our home town.” (Submittedbrto Serve Daily by Scott Aylett.)

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