‘I never thought about a zipper, until I zipped up the windows on my tent’

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We left town early headed for a remote locationbrwith our Jeep and tent trailer. Camp was set up before noon and we were readybrto go exploring back roads.


It was warming up to be a hot day, even in thebrmountains. Before we left, we opened most of the windows on the tent trailer.


By afternoon it was starting to cloud up and webrheard thunder. At that point we said to ourselves, we had better get back andbrzip up the windows on the tent trailer, so our bedding won’t get wet. I knowbrafternoon showers are common in the mountain country and in our excitement tobrget going we forgot.


What I found interesting is we were rushing backbrto “zip up the windows.” That is, of course, because all the windows havebrzippers. A lot of things have zippers and it is kind of an odd name. How didbrthat name come about and when was the zipper invented? Here is the rest of thebrstory.


Devices to attach pieces of clothing togetherbrhave been around and improved upon since 1851. Names such as Automatic,brContinuous Clothing Closure, Clasp Locker, Hookless Fastener and my favorite,brthe military description: Sliding Interlocking Fastener, have been used tobrdescribe the device.  Early use of thesebrfasteners was on tobacco pouches.


In 1923 the B.F. Goodrich company brought tobrmarket a rubber boot they called Galoshes and their marketing people came upbrwith the name Zipper for the fastener. The term zipper became a household word.brAs a side note, it wasn’t until 1937 that a French clothing designer used abrzipper on a man’s trousers.


We did get back to the Tent Trailer to zip up the windowsbrbefore a brief rainstorm arrived. (Helmick is a Serve Dailybrcontributor.)

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